Andrea Gray

Born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Andrea had moved to Toronto in 2006. Living and working there as an Administrative Assistant ad , she’s joined the 25/25 project because she feels she had never really done anything meaningful with her life. From the age of fifteen her life had always been about paying bills, making rent, and other responsibilities. This is a pretty exciting undertaking for her, because Andrea knows that one should always try to live an exciting life instead of wasting precious time worrying about the day-to-day slog. Her goal here is to show people that they should worry less and can follow their dreams.

When she first heard about the 25/25 concept from Jorge, she felt that it was really smart and felt that this is what she had been looking for to turn things around. In fact, she thinks that everyone should be able to do this in their life: challenge themselves but have something fun to look forward to every day.

Andrea has always been passionate about film. Her biggest love (and part of what she hates) is how so many people contribute so much to just one scene. For her, the credits aren’t a time-waster but an important part where you get to see how many people had to share their skills and expertise to create a great film. She always stays til the end to show her respect.

Andrea is also studying makeup artistry, and this is her vessel of artistic expression. Her love for the art and philosophy behind the medium is that she enjoys showing others how awesome things can be.

Here is her list to accomplish in 2012:

  1. Finish my script
  2. Skydive and/or Edgewalk on the CN Tower
  3. Take dance lessons
  4. Market my business better
  5. Keep in better touch with the ones that I love
  6. Travel somewhere new / Take a road trip
  7. Spring cleaning: donate clothes and furniture that I dont need anymore
  8. Teach someone Yiddish
  9. Learn how to cook 5 new dishes (non-Jewish ones!)
  10. Move back to Toronto & explore what I haven’t before!
  11. Paint something new and unexpected
  12. Donate blood
  13. Get a new Tattoo from George Brown
  14. Get a new piercing with Meagan Bond
  15. Be better at my job – Lean more about audio equipment
  16. Go hiking on a brand new trail with Aileen O’marra
  17. Go to Florida to reconnect with old family members
  18. Learn Sign language
  19. Start saving heavily to purchase a new place for 2013
  20. Go to a party where I don’t know anyone and make a new friend
  21. Try not to eat at fast food restaurants for a whole year
  22. Go see more indie movies and bands
  23. Quit smoking, for good. Not for me… but for all of you.
  24. Do more activities during the winter, my least favorite season.
  25. Help out my friends with their 25on25

You can follow her journey here where she’ll be writing and vlogging on a regular basis. You can also find out more about here at


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