A Belated August Update

Sorry about that gap in communications… I have plenty to tell you about!

This past month I have finally gone somewhere new. I always drove past it, but I got to visit Saratoga Spring, Bolton’s Landing, kayak in Lake George and visit a couple of cute little campsites, Schroon River and Turtle Island respectively.
Labour Day weekend was also definitely an informal lesson on defensive driving, but I still need to find the time to actually participate in lessons.
I’ve been doing a lot less yoga, but still going about once per week. I started running again, not just biking, and I’ve decided to work on increasing my stamina, because that seems to be my greatest difficulty. Hopefully I’ll manage to reach the goal. But since I’ve learned to like running, all of this is a plus!
I’ve stopped studying Spanish (my lessons ran out), but I have been going to French conversation groups. It’s definitely helping me keep my French up and learn more.
Oh yeah, and I decided what my new goal should be, and have started working on that too! I’ve been to two events now, not counting the programming course in New York. Even though I found a new job, I still think I should keep up the good work!
As for building something, I’ll tell you all about it soon! I’m excited about it!