Round Two! (Ding, ding)

Ok, I’m off this evening to try again to work on becoming less shy and get better at meeting people for work purposes! This is 2/5.

I have enough cash to buy myself some drinks, but not enough to get shitfaced.
I am eating a snack beforehand just in case.
I have an exit strategy, so that I don’t feel weird leaving (I probably will feel weird no matter what).
I am meeting a friend after, so that I will feel safe afterward.
I am dressed nicely and neatly, even though I work from home.

I don’t have business cards though! Not sure what to put on them…?

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have my details on one side, but what about the other? Some design of some sort? A drawing? I haven’t drawn anything worth showing in ages!

No matter, I hope to meet some awesome people no matter what!


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