Jorge Zavagno

Jorge was born in Argentina, raised in Panama and came to live in Montreal, Quebec at the age of fourteen. While he is still in the process of becoming a Canadian, it has been his home for over 11 years now. Jorge works in film, and it has been his passion from a very young age. He hopes that he can showcase his abilities through this project and others.

The influence for this project came after he came back from traveling for two months. It was a transitional point in his life, where he had completed school, quit his job and just come back from his dream vacation. Once he had come home, he had no full-time job, no heavy-duty contracts and no motivation. He was tired of being unemployed and having nothing going on, and wanted to find a creative way to motivate himself.

Here are the things that Jorge hopes to accomplish in 2012:

  1. Create weekly vlog
  2. Speak French fluently
  3. Be able to do 250 push ups.
  4. Film a short film.
  5. Write a script.
  6. Read 12 books.
  7. Run a marathon (42 km).
  8. Do at least 100 hours of charity work.
  9. Write a short story in Spanish.
  10. Finish a video game (Zelda N64).
  11. Skydive.
  12. Donate to charity.
  13. Learn how to play one song on a guitar.
  14. Go to Bonnaroo or other music festival.
  15. Learn jiujitsu.
  16. Go camping.
  17. Learn how to play chess.
  18. Go snowboarding.
  19. Join soccer league.
  20. Learn how to fix a bike.
  21. Add in March*
  22. Add in May*
  23. Add in July*
  24. Add in September*
  25. Add in October*

This project in its entirety is his way of pushing himself and others. With this project, he hopes to accomplish more than just the list, as he will have followed his dreams and showed his work. You can follow him on his journey here, and also on Twitter @jzavagno.

* After assessing what he has accomplished, Jorge has left room to add new things to the list after each quarter. He will have 25 items on the list by October.


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