Leila Nathaniel

Leila was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec. She’s not quite a renaissance lady, but she does a lot of stuff and learns quickly. When Jorge told her about the project, she jumped on board immediately. To her, 25/25 presented itself as a great opportunity to do more than just be unemployed.

Having already considering making some changes in her life, she was recently laid off from a web coordinator position. While job searching, freelancing, and having a healthy family and social life, she hopes to achieve some goals that she set for herself years ago. To Leila, this is an opportunity not to be wasted, as she’ll get to follow her dreams, achieve some things that she had wanted to do for a long time, and maybe find some fulfilling work along the way.

This is her list of 25 things for 2012:

  1. Blog twice a week
  2. Develop a weekly yoga practice
  3. Go camping
  4. Travel somewhere new
  5. Learn how to play chess
  6. Learn how to throw knives
  7. Take defensive driving classes
  8. Get a tattoo
  9. Write a collection of short stories
  10. Create one big painting
  11. Do 100 hours of volunteer work
  12. Email my grandmother at least once a month
  13. Improve one of the many languages I’ve kind of learned
  14. Cut or dye my hair
  15. Donate $1000 to charity
  16. Run a 6-minute mile
  17. Learn how to walk in high heels
  18. Learn how to iron my clothes and polish my shoes
  19. Become financially savvy
  20. Build something
  21. Gain 250 followers on Twitter
  22. Learn how to type properly
  23. Learn how to do bike maintenance
  24. Learn how to cook [something complicated]
  25. Move out

You can follow her journey on this blog, or find out more about her on Twitter @WalkinOnBy, or at her personal blog: leilanathaniel.wordpress.com


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