Sweet Child O Mine

This year in January, I welcomed my new cousin into our family, Poppy. Not to be biased, but she might be the cutest thing on this planet. My Aunt and Uncle, after many years and lots of paper work, finally got to adopt a kid of their own. Before she came into our lives, they bombarded me with questions, and I felt like I had a new purpose in life. My purpose is to now be there for Poppy, to guide her and support her. She is a very lucky kid, to have someone within our family go through the same experience as her. I would have loved to have this growing up, but unfortunately, I was the only one.

A couple of months ago, I decided to write my experiences down in a book for her. I told my family and friends, and received the most ridiculous support that I have ever seen in my life. I never thought for one second that my life would have been interesting for other people to know, but I guess I was wrong. So I sat down, with my glass of wine of course, and knocked out an intense outline.

I am currently writing the fourth chapter of everything, and it has been quite hard. I have to revisit memories that I locked up (for a reason) and sometimes will cry as I’m writing. It’s kind of therapeutic in a sense for me, and now as I am older looking back on everything I have a different perspective. There are something’s that I will be omitting as I feel it doesn’t really pertain to my story, and all of the names will be changed. Hopefully, along with Poppy, it can affect or change your life.

Now, for the rest of my list:

I have started to teach Yiddish to Brian! A few words here and there, the number 1-10, and how to spell his name in Yiddish (along with his parents). His pronunciation is very cute, and I’m trying to tell him how to do the “cha” and “r” sounds that we usually do! But he is remembering things, and I feel very accomplished for that! So… Cross another one off of my list?

Leaving 5, although another one will be crossed off next week once I do my volunteer work!

And then there were 4!


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