Final Post – Final Thoughts

Wow. I can’t believe that 1 year ago I sat with my good friend Leila and started talking about all these things that we’ve wanted to do. Our initial lists were long and kind of far fetched, and over the year we’ve had to make some changes here and there to adapt to the changes in our lives. Just goes to show you that no matter how much you plan, something will always be there to steer you in a completely different direction. I don’t mind that, i’ve adapted to change pretty much my entire life and have come to peace with this.

With under a week to go, I had 3 things left to do:
Learn Sign Language – I have been looking online on how to spell my name, say Hello, all of the little things that might make a difference. I know that with more practice (and hopefully a course down the road) I will be able to get the basics down

Paint something new – This is actually on my agenda for tonight! I won’t be posting any pictures as some of these will be gifts, but i’m sure that those respective people will post them for me 🙂

and lastly, Get a new Tattoo with George Brown. Due to financial reasons I wasn’t able to get this done before my birthday, and unfortunately this leaves me with 24/25 completed. Although I am a little disappointed about this, I will still be completing this goal later on in the month.

I am fairly happy with myself for keeping on track, and completing as much as I could. 24/25 is better than nothing, right? I am happy that a year ago I made a promise to myself, and kept at it as much as I could. I have lived, learned, and loved and wouldn’t have changed a thing.
I’m hoping, that with you all reading about my progress, that I have at  least motivated you to go out and try something new. I am a big advocate for change, and for growing. Thank you all for being a part of this. And with that, this is Andrea Gray signing off, and saying “Goodnight to yous all, and god bless ya”