On Not Running, and Needing a New Playlist

This running thing is kicking my ass. I really need to want to do it, but it’s just not happening. I was going regularly, and then I stopped, and then I justified stopping cause I was biking and going to yoga so often (I got an unlimited pass across town). And so I need to restart again.

So in anticipation for restarting, does anyone have suggestions about tunes I should listen to? I love house/techno, but I’d love ideas about what to listen to in order to get pumped! Here’s an idea on what I’ve been listening to in the past (warning, some of this is old!):

  • Avicii-Levels
  • Tiesto vs. Diplo-C’mon
  • Tiesto-Maximal Crazy
  • Like a G6-Far East Movement
  • Party Rock-LMFAO
  • Pon De Floor-Major Lazer
  • Yelle-À cause des garçons
  • Zedd-Shave It
  • Skrillex-Bangarang

Some of this has become a bit stale and lost its pumped-up luster. I’m hoping to change things up again!


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