Driving Me Crazy

Today I will have embarked on my first solo road trip. I am a little nervous. It will be me and a sheaf of directions.

It’s not exactly defensive driving, but it will be a lesson on its own for sure!

Wish me luck!


Round Two! (Ding, ding)

Ok, I’m off this evening to try again to work on becoming less shy and get better at meeting people for work purposes! This is 2/5.

I have enough cash to buy myself some drinks, but not enough to get shitfaced.
I am eating a snack beforehand just in case.
I have an exit strategy, so that I don’t feel weird leaving (I probably will feel weird no matter what).
I am meeting a friend after, so that I will feel safe afterward.
I am dressed nicely and neatly, even though I work from home.

I don’t have business cards though! Not sure what to put on them…?

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have my details on one side, but what about the other? Some design of some sort? A drawing? I haven’t drawn anything worth showing in ages!

No matter, I hope to meet some awesome people no matter what!

That Dilemma Again

Well I have been swimming sometimes. And going to yoga sometimes. And biking almost everywhere. But damn do I not want to get running.

I go for long walks. On the beach, up the hill, hiking, across town, whatever. But even the thought of sweating in a light jog is the most discouraging thing.

So I ask you, what do you do to get yourself into it? And if you don’t run, how do you get yourself into other things? I had a brief affair with running and now I want nothing to do with it!

Sweet Child O Mine

This year in January, I welcomed my new cousin into our family, Poppy. Not to be biased, but she might be the cutest thing on this planet. My Aunt and Uncle, after many years and lots of paper work, finally got to adopt a kid of their own. Before she came into our lives, they bombarded me with questions, and I felt like I had a new purpose in life. My purpose is to now be there for Poppy, to guide her and support her. She is a very lucky kid, to have someone within our family go through the same experience as her. I would have loved to have this growing up, but unfortunately, I was the only one.

A couple of months ago, I decided to write my experiences down in a book for her. I told my family and friends, and received the most ridiculous support that I have ever seen in my life. I never thought for one second that my life would have been interesting for other people to know, but I guess I was wrong. So I sat down, with my glass of wine of course, and knocked out an intense outline.

I am currently writing the fourth chapter of everything, and it has been quite hard. I have to revisit memories that I locked up (for a reason) and sometimes will cry as I’m writing. It’s kind of therapeutic in a sense for me, and now as I am older looking back on everything I have a different perspective. There are something’s that I will be omitting as I feel it doesn’t really pertain to my story, and all of the names will be changed. Hopefully, along with Poppy, it can affect or change your life.

Now, for the rest of my list:

I have started to teach Yiddish to Brian! A few words here and there, the number 1-10, and how to spell his name in Yiddish (along with his parents). His pronunciation is very cute, and I’m trying to tell him how to do the “cha” and “r” sounds that we usually do! But he is remembering things, and I feel very accomplished for that! So… Cross another one off of my list?

Leaving 5, although another one will be crossed off next week once I do my volunteer work!

And then there were 4!

RSVP or Bust

Whelp, I kind of lose.

I tried to go to a networking event, and assumed it was a casual thing. I never saw an RSVP situation of any sort. But when I got to the location it was empty. I felt like a huge joke had been played on me.

As it turns out, it had been rescheduled to the following week, but I never got a notice about it…!

So here are some things I did wrong that I will correct the next time:

  • Show up on time
  • Confirm that I’m attending
  • Try to bring a friend, so my confidence doesn’t shoot down to zero
  • Better luck next week!

    Uh, about that…

    Hey, so about that new goal? I am a really, terribly shy. In person.

    It’s rough. I can be pretty socially awkward. And frankly, it sucks.

    But tomorrow evening I will try to head out for a little but and make new contacts. I’ll keep you updated.

    Also, jokes on all of us: I start a new job Monday!

    The New Goal

    It turns out I need to step up my networking game.

    OK, so tomorrow I’m heading to an event in New York. And I’ll try to find four more to attend in the next little while. I think this will be good for me!

    Thanks for voting!

    On Not Running, and Needing a New Playlist

    This running thing is kicking my ass. I really need to want to do it, but it’s just not happening. I was going regularly, and then I stopped, and then I justified stopping cause I was biking and going to yoga so often (I got an unlimited pass across town). And so I need to restart again.

    So in anticipation for restarting, does anyone have suggestions about tunes I should listen to? I love house/techno, but I’d love ideas about what to listen to in order to get pumped! Here’s an idea on what I’ve been listening to in the past (warning, some of this is old!):

    • Avicii-Levels
    • Tiesto vs. Diplo-C’mon
    • Tiesto-Maximal Crazy
    • Like a G6-Far East Movement
    • Party Rock-LMFAO
    • Pon De Floor-Major Lazer
    • Yelle-À cause des garçons
    • Zedd-Shave It
    • Skrillex-Bangarang

    Some of this has become a bit stale and lost its pumped-up luster. I’m hoping to change things up again!

    The Dog and Pony Show

    Tomorrow I have an interview! I’m pretty psyched, but that’s all I can say about it.

    But part of my 25/25 includes some interview necessities, like ironing, for a general neat and clean appearance. And shoe-polishing. And languages. So I’ve shelved the Spanish for now and am re-learning my French. That sounds bad, but it’s just that I don’t speak it in my personal life (to the consternation of “true” Quebecers). In general I would consider myself bilingual, but if I haven’t spoken it for more than a week, I find I lose the most basic words. It sucks.

    Oh, and I’m doing yoga to calm my nerves and just feel a bit fitter than I really am…

    Wish me luck?

    What is my new goal?

    OK, so I only got 4 responses yesterday. And everyone voted for something else. So please share this! I would actually get a kick out of strangers helping to decide this new and last goal.

    And you: vote!

    Poll ends in a week’s time, so get on with it! I will announce the winning choice on Wednesday, August 15 🙂