Every little thing is gonna be alright – Bob Marley

March. Seriously. MARCH

I can’t believe how quickly time is going by. I’m wondering if the time is going by quickly because I am so preoccupied with my list of things to do.

Well, not a bad thing.

Talked to Brian last night about the script that I wanted to write, the script that I’ve tried to make a schedule for but ended up failing on all accounts to actually sit and do something with it. His response was very positive, kept on saying “such a great idea” that it kind of boosted what I had left in me. I need to sit down and do this. I need to make this a reality.

I have set up my dinner party for the end of the month so I’ll have something checked off soon enough! I’m trying to think of something small on my list that I can do this month also, and I’m thinking donating blood would be the best solution. I’ll have to figure out when I can get that done!

Also, all Torontonians, discussions of moving have started! Hopefully will be back in the city in May or June!


Ordinary Day – Great Big Sea

I’m done. Done with winter. After pushing myself to go out and do stuff for #24, I have gotten pretty sick. What was supposed to be a mini getaway with Brian, turned into me being in bed for half of our trip. So I’m crossing this off of my list and hibernating for the remainder of winter.

So, with that, I have successfully completed four of my goals:

# 14. Get a new piercing with Meagan Bond
# 20. Go to a party where I don’t know anyone and make a new friend
# 23. Quit smoking, for good.
# 24. Do more activities during the winter

Some are still on going so I can’t cross them out completely yet. I am, however, crossing out quitting smoking. Tomorrow will be 60 days since I have kicked the habit, and aside from the little weight gain I think that I have successfully quit.

I have 6 on going goals, which means I have 15 more goals to complete all before I turn 26! 8 months to complete 15 goals. Boy do I feel some pressure!

I think it can happen though! I’m starting to slowly get back into the swing of things, and have some things lined up for March.

I’ve joined LinkedIn to market my business better! http://www.linkedin.com/pub/andrea-gray/48/bbb/b1a

I’ve also been told to join Twitter, but am still wishy-washy about that idea. Thoughts?

Sitting on the dock of the bay – Otis Redding

Where has this year gone so far? I can’t believe that it’s the end of February already. It really is true, when you are busy time just flies!

 Since my last post I have attended the “Everything to do with Fred show”, and have befriended not only Fred Kennedy himself but the illustrator of Teuton, Adam Gorham. I love meeting new people, and being able to be a proper geek in front of total strangers. Fred told me that I had to watch Deep Space Nine, I laughed. He told me that the last three seasons were the best of that series, and since I never do anything half-ass I got the complete series from a friend. It’s on my next “to watch” list once I have completed Season 2 of “Life Unexpected”.

Adam and I have started an e-mail correspondence where we get to talk about our entire nerdy-ness. It has kept me sane this past little while!

 I have had two successful SFX classes from school, which I have been posting all over Facebook about. If you’re not a fan of my page, click here

I have been on top of keeping everything updated, marketing myself better, and getting more gigs. I don’t want to cross #4 off of my list just yet, but it’s definitely getting there! My march is slowly filling up with gigs, and I just purchased all of my SFX makeup over this crazy thing called the internet, so now I’m just waiting for it to arrive!

I just finished working on a calendar of Rave Girls in the scene today, and am very excited to see the finished project next year!

 I’ve also been keeping in much better contact with people; I’ve seen Ian, Angela, Alia, Manny, Dave, Kelly, Anthony and Valerie. What’s remarkable is that this is on top of seeing my best friends Meagan, Aileen and Ilana (plus my two jobs)

I do have to admit though; if I keep on the road that I’m going I will definitely burn out quickly! I feel like I haven’t had a proper break in over a month. Luckily my photo shoot on Monday got cancelled, so I just sat around, watched movies with Brian and did nothing all day. It was perfect. That’s exactly what this upcoming weekend will be like, and am definitely looking forward to it. I have a feeling March will be the same as this month, so having a little getaway this weekend will be perfect.

Under Pressure – Queen

As I see people scramble around today for last minute flowers and chocolate I just kind of laugh to myself. After years of being told that Valentines Day is a day to show the person you love how much you care, I can happily say that I have stopped celebrating this “Holiday” for about five years now.

It is my belief that if you love someone, you do not need one day to show them how much you care and appreciate them. You should show them as often as you can, and you do NOT need to buy them flowers every single time. Small things count, especially to us women.

Like coming home to your apartment and noticing that someone vacuumed before they left. Or, spending about an hour helping out an artistically challenged person doing stencils.  THAT to me is showing me that you care. I do not need chocolates that will make me fat, or flowers that will eventually wither away. I want something substantial, something meaningful. And I definitely want it more than one time a year.

I have come across people that feel the same way as I, but still celebrate the “Holiday”. Of course to each their own, not every woman feels the way that I do. In fact some women would be upset today if they didn’t get something from their significant other. I on the other hand told mine that If I got anything I would be upset.

So to those who celebrate today, I wish it’s filled with the love that you deserve. But I also wish that you get it year round, because you deserve that more.

Colorful – The Verve Pipe

February so far for me has been a challenge. Yesterday was Yahrzeit for my mother, Reesa. Yahrzeit is a special night where you light a candle (that burns for 24 hours) in the memory of someone you lost. It has been 14 years since my mother has passed, and every year I still cry like it was yesterday. I thought that I would be OK to come to work, but unfortunately I wasn’t. Memories of her and other things started to flow, and I was tearing throughout the morning. By lunchtime I was a wreck and asked to leave. I sat in the parking lot of my workplace and just cried. I was upset at myself for not having a handle on my emotions and having to leave work because of it. As soon as I got home I wrote her a letter, something that I use to do in the past to help with the grieving. As soon as that was done I felt more at ease. I was still thinking of the past, more so of James than anything else. Today would have been our five-year anniversary, and although I have moved on and am happy, he was still a huge part of my life.

So, the plan for yesterday was to be sad and cry it all out. I woke up this morning feeling fine, and looked positively at my day/weekend ahead.


I keep a list of my 25 on 25 on my fridge as motivation, and today I crossed out #20 on my fridge. An old friend from University, Julia Gordon, recently got engaged. Our lives have never crossed paths for four years but I was determined to go out and see her. When I got to the party I was surprised to see an old friend Jameson there, but other than that I knew no one else. I started to make my rounds around the party, introducing myself to all these new faces. I have befriended two people, Nikki and Jordan. I had a blast meeting new people! I definitely want to do this more often.

I have a great weekend ahead of me. I’m going to The Everything To Do with Fred Show tonight with Ian. Tomorrow I have my SFX class (Brian will be my model!), and later on we’ll be seeing a tribute band for Led Zeppelin.

Everything is coming up Milhouse!

When I’m Up – Great Big Sea

A whole month has gone by, and I can honestly say that I am happy with my progress on everything. Today was the first morning that I woke up without a craving for a cigarette. I was pretty proud of that moment!

I was hoping to take more pictures and videos of me doing things so that I can start a Vlog of things, hopefully I’ll be able to start that this month! I have a lot of exciting and wonderful things to do in the next couple of weeks, but lets recap on my January!

I saw a lot of people whom I haven’t seen in ages, like: Sean, Alia, Kat, Alana and Mitzi. I love the fact that I was able to go out and see them, and I’m hoping to pop in some new names for February!

While Mitzi was in town I held a very successful party, and a lot of my new friends met her, which was great. Now she’s happy knowing I’m in good hands here in Toronto!

I was able to see Jeff Dunham and Tool in January, which was a blast! I have other concerts coming up in February that I’ll list later on And from successful marketing I was able to partake in two Photoshoots, and also Model in another one!

As for February, I have a lot of things planned. I have more Photoshoots coming up, seeing some more old friends whom I haven’t seen in a while, SFX classes, my nose piercing with Meagan and a Leafs game! Just to name a few.

I’ll keep you all updated in a week’s time with my progress for February

Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve

I broke #21 last night. I went to subway thinking it would be harmless. Boy was I wrong! I’m not too sure exactly what it was about what I ordered, but I woke up with the most ridiculous stomachache. I guess my body got use to no junk food! Which Is definitely a good thing, but definitely hurt at the time!

Aside from the stomachache this morning, I’ve been feeling kind of down lately. I totally blame the weather for this one. It’s making me lazy and not do anything. Which is bad because #24 is to do more winter activities… Does going out for dinner and going to a concert count?? (I’m seeing Tool tomorrow night)

I’ve been trying to wake up a little earlier each morning to get in some Yoga. I haven’t been able to do it daily, and I can’t seem to get into a routine. I’ll keep on trying though, even if it’s only a few days a week its better than nothing a week.

I’ve made a writing schedule for myself in regards to my script. Im hoping that this guideline will help me out! So every Tuesday night for 2 hours I have allotted time for me to be “creative”. I really hope that something good will come out of this!

So, on January 26th I will be attending a networking party in Toronto. I will know no one there, and therefore will be completing #20! I will tell you all about it in my next blog.

I’m planning on two trips in the next two months right now. Montreal is one of them, was thinking the last weekend of February (24-26). And the other one is a complete surprise incase that person is following this blog. However I will be gone March 16-18. Very excited about both of these trips!

In three weeks it’ll be my anniversary with Meagan Bond in getting pierced. We’re celebrating with another one! No big surprise to anyone, I will be getting my nose pierced. But which side?

Young the Giant – Cough Syrup

Starting to feel under the weather. Woke up yesterday and threw up immediately. Called into work to ask for the day off, and went back to sleep. I slept for another 4 hours after that. Kind of happy that I’m getting sick now and not when I had so many plans the previous month, or in a week from now!

I woke up a little earlier this morning to get some Yoga done, and my daily regime of taking multivitamins. Note: I’ve been taking multivitamins since Dec. 1 to avoid getting sick quickly. Definitely worked!

Well, I’m hitting my list with a bang and I’m very happy about that! Here’s my progress with certain things that I haven’t discussed yet

Finish my script – I haven’t started anything on this one! I think I need to sit down and make myself a schedule so that I can actually put a dent into this thing. I feel without that type of structure I wont get anything done.

Skydive and/or Edge walk on the CN Tower – I’ve had many people say that they want to do this with me, so, if money permitting, I would love to do it with all of you! Right now its looks like my friend Alia and I will be doing it come July

Take dance lessons – I currently met a couple that works at a dance studio through a friend of mine, Mitzi Perez. I might take them up on their dance lesson offer!

Market my business better – I’ve joined Model Mayhem (http://www.modelmayhem.com/2491539) as a makeup artist and am scouting out Craiglist every day for odd jobs to do. I currently have a gig tonight, which I’m happy about since I could definitely use the pocket money!

Travel somewhere new / Take a road trip – I’ve decided to go on a road trip with my friend Ilana Reichman. We were trying to decide on where to go so it would be new AND a road trip, and have decided on Chicago. No idea when we’re going to do it but at least that plan is there!

Paint something new and unexpected – I know exactly what I want to paint, I looked around at some hard album covers to do, and I picked one. I just need to go and grab a canvas now!

Go hiking on a brand new trail with Aileen O’marra – We’ve decided to go to Algonquin Provincial Park for our hike, we haven’t decided on the date yet but at least we’ve got the ball rolling on that one too!

Aside from that, the ones that continue on throughout the year are going very well; I am past my 2-week mark for not smoking. It’s still a challenge because most of my friends are smokers. I barely eat out anymore, which has also saved me quite a lot of money (NOTE: I spent most of it already on a party I threw while Mitzi was over, totally worth it though! I wouldn’t of been able to do that if it weren’t for my goal!) and I’ve been keeping in pretty good touch with some old friends! There are still a couple of people that I want to see before months end, but I doubt that’ll be an issue.

Life – Our Lady Peace

I’ve decided to post songs as my titles that I’ve heard recently that make me pumped for this project.

I guess you can say that I’m getting into the swing of things with my list! #2, #3, #9, #13, #14, #16, #18 are all in the midst of planning right now! Updates will come soon with those

#21 and #23 will be going on throughout the year. My progress with not eating at fast food places has diminished, but not gone. I caved in and bought a pizza at Pizza Hut the other night. My issue at the time was that I was too lazy to get up and cook food that I had. Although I am getting better at this, I want this to go away entirely. I’m not expecting this to happen over night, but I am content with my progress so far.

Day number 10 for not smoking! My irritability has gone away, but I’m finding myself eating more. I think I might have to start working out again. I need to get myself into a routine; I just need to figure out what would work best with me. I use to get up early and do Yoga every morning; I might start that up again. My issue right now is when I try to wake up early I just hit snooze. I could go to bed earlier, but sometimes I can only see my boyfriend at 10:30 at night, and me being tired the next day is a sacrifice I’m willing to make just to see him.

#5 “ Keep in better touch with everyone” I’ve been keeping in better touch with people and trying to get out as much as I can to see them. Last week I saw an old friend, Sean Duncan, went out to sushi and caught up on the last three years of our lives. Yes, it has been three years since I’ve seen him. Im not the total one to blame, as he says, so I guess that makes me feel a little better about not totally keeping in touch. He’s doing well, and is back in school. I am very proud of him. I also saw Alia, whom I haven’t seen in probably 6-8 months. She went away for a little bit to work and we just kind of lost touch. We went out for dinner last night and caught up and made the promise to stay in touch. All in all I think I’m starting to be very good with this! I do however have to see Ian Campbell and Jules Minaker, by the forces of nature we have been making and canceling plans for the last little while, and I’m determined to see them by the end of the month.

#9: “Learn how to cook 5 new dishes” will be coming up either at the end of the month or the beginning of February For this challenge I have selected 5 people to send me one recipe each. I will be holding a dinner party, with 5 other people, and I will present these dishes. This will be vlogged, so you will all get to see their reactions and thoughts!

#15: “Be better at my job” I only really started yesterday. We have a website www.trewaudio.com and they have articles on new equipment explaining what it does, how it works, etc.. My plan is to read 1 article a day. Currently I have read this one: www.trewaudio.com/remoteaudio/bdsv4/

I think I’m more confused now than I was when I went in! Although it put a damper on me getting to know things better, I’m not going to let it put me down. Not too sure which article I’ll read today, but I’m putting everything into a document on “Things I’ve read” and will show you all my progress!