July Review

Oh hey there August, what’s up?

I’ve been pretty busy and enjoying the weather. Scratch that, I’ve been a hermit at home, but sometimes I go swimming and to yoga. It’s all good. So what happened in July? Here we go:

On the list of things that was supposed to happen: I blogged sometimes; wrote to my grandma; went camping; practiced typing; practiced Spanish (not getting much better though); started cooking more regularly; and am getting into the habit of ironing (slowly). I am also still working on those short stories; playing chess (are you on Chess with Friends? Get at me!); and walking around like a pro in heels. I also learned how fix a flat tire and all of the other shit associated with it, and I got like fifteen new followers on Twitter! Not a bad month.

Not on the list but also happened: my boyfriend visited Montreal and we got attacked, but otherwise had a lovely time; I lost my job; I was published on The Billfold and some people liked it and some others didn’t; I’m practicing typing and have almost learned the entire keyboard; and am making plans to go to places I have been to before, to see Andrea and my boyfriend (boyfriend, boyfriend, boyfriend — let me know when this gets annoying). No knife-throwing, but I am taking control of my finances. Let’s talk about the stock market! (oh G-d, let’s not, really).

As for moving out, maybe I’ll have some news for you all next month!


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