50 Loads of Laundry

The nice thing about no longer having a job is being able to do all of those little things you’ve been putting off when you were working. Like taking clothes to the tailor, shoes to the cobbler, repairing that sleeve that was unravelling, and so on.

And ironing. But first, in order to have things to iron, it’s important to actually wash all those clothes. And over the last three days I haven’t done 50 loads of laundry. But it’s pretty close, from sheets and towels, to all of the articles of clothing that gets me, my mom and my brother through our days, I think it’s a bit ridiculous. Wednesday I did five loads, and Thursday I did another three. Today I hope I’ll manage to do all of those picky items that can’t go into the washing machine, and get some ironing done! (obviously I haven’t been very efficient about this but there is only so much room to hang all of the stuff that doesn’t go in the dryer).

Oh my goodness the ironing I have to do. Tuesday I ironed one shirt, and it *only* took me twenty minutes. But that’s probably because it wasn’t too wrinkled and it had short sleeves. I think I will work on this more so that it won’t be the most agonizing task in the world.

In other news, if you see my brother, you should ask him about his iron. After six months of comparison shopping online, watching endless product demo videos and reading a limitless amount of user reviews, he actually bought an iron. It’s a Rowenta and has like a million extra steam holes and it weighs like ten pounds. He’s obviously really happy about it, but I haven’t seen him iron yet.


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