Camping Recap

As I mentioned, I went camping. We left on Saturday and came back on Monday. It was… interesting. It could have been better and it could have been much worse. In general it was great except for the fact that I have something like 30 bug bites over three days.

I really enjoyed the planning part! It’s a weird thing, but I love it. I had spreadsheets of equipment, color-coded by we was going to bring what. There was a shopping list and a vague itinerary. It was all pretty great. We never left on schedule in either direction but it hardly mattered.

On Saturday, we hit the road a bit late after buying all the groceries and packing the car. It took ages. Then. Got a bit lost finding our campsite after finally reaching the national park. We went to the Mont Tremblant national park, by the way. It’s pretty lovely and well-maintained.

We arrived as it was getting dark, so it took us some time get our tents up and the fire going. We ended up preparing and eating dinner by lantern-light, because we were so late.

Sunday, we went hiking and then ate lunch in the car, as we had packed sandwiches but were not hungry by the time we reached the peak of our trail. Our site was near a lake, and there was a beach with soft and fine sand. We re-packed a cooler and then spent an idyllic afternoon drinking and swimming and reading on the beach. It was lovely!

Monday, we ate and went back to the beach. Since some of the group were having issues with our feet we didn’t do a lot of hiking, and it seemed for the best. We were all pretty stressed from various circumstances in the city and this seemed like the necessary escape we all needed. An hour or so later, we left the beach and got on our way home.

The only hiccup in the trip was that we had a nail enter one of our wheels, which meant we had to use the spare and find a garage to get the tire patched. We drove about 45 minutes out of our way to drive under the best conditions. Shortly after we had replaced our tire and got back on our way, thunder and lightning and hail all struck at the same time. This was so scary!

But we made it home ok. Which is the important part!


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