Gone Camping

I have set out camping today. Let’s hope it is a good experience!

As a child, camping was not my favourite activity, but it wasn’t the worst either. I’m a city girl through and through, but I think it’s time to head out, and clear my head of the city and kick back with some close friends. While I planned this before I found out I was losing my job, I am lucky that it coincided nicely with my last day.

When I was under the age of 10, we went out to the Adirondacks or maybe the Laurentians and went camping for a couple of days. My family and three or five others all came together, pooled resources and gear, drove out and enjoyed the wild. We went hiking, which we used to to a lot of as a family. I hated sleeping on the ground.

At sleepaway camp, which I attended the summers I was 12 and 13, there were three-day trips. The first year it was a canoe trip. Nothing stayed dry. It was a coed trip with boys and girls in separate tents. Hormones ran wild, but I don’t think anyone actually “hooked up.” This was the first time I ever saw leeches.

The second year, I went on the “easy” hiking trip. It was not easy for me, as this is when I distinctly remembering the severity of my shoulder pain. We slept in a shelter that had hard wooden bunks. I may have sprained my ankle, and spent some time soaking it in the frigid lake. I think I was fine afterward though.

In high school, for a school trip we went on a hiking trip. 40 girls went hiking together, with tents all lined up in rows. There was a rustic house nearby that we had use of to cook and wash ourselves. The trail I was sent on had yellow jackets, so I refused to go further. Many of the other girls got stung twice.

In 2009, I went camping with some male teenaged cousins and one pair of parents. It rained a lot and our tarps were inadequate. We went hiking, and we also went to a natural water slide in some rapids. We jumped off some of the rocks, which was terrifying and amazing. We slid down some others where there were “paths” that we used as slides. The water was freezing but we continued for ages. It was incredibly fun. The hiking was also fun, even though I was slow. I ruined my sneakers, as they never dried out properly and moulded by the time I took them home.

We’ll see what this trip brings!


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