Keeping track

Part of the point of this project is to log all of the activities and create some accountability. And I’ve had to start doing that more seriously with my money.

I’ve started a thing, which is keeping track of how much I’m actually spending. I always know an estimation of how much I’ve spent, but I’ve never added it up unless my credit card statement did it for me. To top it off, my brother’s love affair with Excel has rubbed off on me a little, and I’ve actually started a spreadsheet tracking the amounts, the dates and where. I don’t categorize, cause Mint does it for me, but this forces me to think about my spending after the fact. Which is good. Like was it really important to spend this money on that thing or experience or that food? Oh, no? Well then perhaps I shouldn’t purchase whatever it was again.

That part is nice, because I find I am kind of an absent-minded spender. Even if I vow not to spend any money for a day or a week, it’s like oh, but I have to pay my phone bill, and I need to do this maintenance thing, and this item of clothing is falling apart. And then the promise of no money spent goes out the window. Kind of like a diet, where your tummy is rumbling because you keep thinking about much food you can’t eat. A little annoying, but I’m hoping this will help me out a bit in understanding things that are important to me financially and in living my life the way I want to — not the way I should, or feel compelled to.

It’s handy dandy! Let’s see how it will affect my spending in the long run.


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