Some more prep time for me

So here we are: middle of July and what do I have to say about it?

Well for starters it is too damned hot to run. I don’t know why I forget that it gets this hot, and so I suspended my gym membership. Not sure if that was a smart move on my part, but I sure am biking as much as possible in penance (also, entering the metro is a bit like entering hell. It is disgustingly hot in there).

Hopefully this crazy heat will be sustained for my camping trip. Jorge and I and a couple of friends are sorting all of that out, and getting set up to leave Saturday morning. Should be pretty excellent. Apparently the trick for me was to go with people who already have the equipment, since I have a solitary sleeping bag and a backpack which holds about 3L if I’m lucky. I am too urbanized for this shit!

It’s cool though cause I’m planning the meals. This is my sole contribution, aside from copious amounts of bug spray. I figure if I can get as much prep done as possible on Friday evening and Saturday morning, we should be in good shape for the following days.

I am also working on moving out (away?) again. We will see what this round this brings into my life. This includes working out my financials all over again. It’s kind of surprising about how much there is to notice in my habits that I don’t realize. Perhaps that’s the point of habits though.

So lots of research and lots of outdoor activity: I am getting brown! (unintended but totally awesome consequence).


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