June and the half-year recap

Whoa, whoa, whoa guys.

It’s halfway through the year and what do I have to show for it? Hmm..

  1. Blog twice a week (am pretty good at it except for recently!)
  2. Develop a weekly yoga practice (have gone consistently for the last month!)
  3. Go camping (um…)
  4. Travel somewhere new (still not sure if it counts)
  5. Learn how to play chess
  6. Learn how to throw knives (working on it! still suck though!)
  7. Take defensive driving classes
  8. Get a tattoo (need to replace this)
  9. Write a collection of short stories (oh… I said I was gonna edit these eventually, right?)
  10. Create one big painting (still need a workspace)
  11. Do 100 hours of volunteer work (halfway there! update to come!)
  12. Email my grandmother at least once a month (not too bad, we’ve definitely been more in touch)
  13. Improve one of the many languages I’ve kind of learned (still going to Spanish and working on it at home on my own)
  14. Cut or dye my hair
  15. Donate $1000 to charity (gotta finalize my charity choices)
  16. Run a 6-minute mile (in training!)
  17. Learn how to walk in high heels
  18. Learn how to iron my clothes and polish my shoes (sooo lazy!)
  19. Become financially savvy (working on it!)
  20. Build something
  21. Gain 250 followers on Twitter (reconsidering)
  22. Learn how to type properly (getting awesome at this!)
  23. Learn how to do bike maintenance (I can pump my own tires now!)
  24. Learn how to cook [something complicated] (um, still not decided)
  25. Move out (hmmm… this is a tough situation)

So I still need to cross off a whole bunch of things to get this list going. I think typing, camping and the short stories will be next. But stay tuned, I might just turn all that on its head!


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