Moneh Moneh Moneh Moneh! MONEH! – Brian Griffin

It’s been almost a month since my last post, and I wish that I had more to report to you guys!

Unfortunately because of lack of funds I haven’t been able to do some of the things on my list. This made me start to realize that maybe I should be switching some of my goals around to accommodate that change in my life.


Aside from going back home to Balfour to visit my family, I don’t think that I would be able to do anymore traveling until next year. That was part of my three goals:

#6: Travel somewhere new
#16: Go hiking on a new trail with Aileen O’Marra
#17: Go to Florida to reconnect with old family members


Instead of that, I will be volunteering!

#6: Molson Canadian Red Lead Project (
#16: Volunteer for TIFF
#17: Donate some money to great causes


Luckily enough in the beginning of the year when I had more disposable income, I had donated some money to “Walk so kids can talk” and “Weekend to end women’s cancer”, so I guess I can cross that off of my list!


11 out of 25 goals completed!

8 out of my 25 goals have been ongoing, so technically I guess you can say 19 out of 25 are completed.


Aside from the two that I have changed, the other 4 are:

#2: Skydive or Edgewalk. The reason why I didn’t take this one out of my goals is because I’ve wanted to do this for 6 years now. I will somehow find the money to do this. Or if you all want to chip in on an awesome present wink wink

#8: Teach someone Yiddish. That someone is actually Brian, I just need to find the time and some old books to sit down and do this.

#18: Learn sign language. My best friend Ilana said that she would teach me some of the basics, so again it’s more of a “find the time” situation. I have no doubt it’ll be done by the time my birthday rolls around!

# 19: Start saving for a new place. Now, aside from my money troubles at the moment, I will have 2 loans paid off fully come September. SO. Technically because it is BEFORE my birthday, this goal will get started!

Hopefully in a months time I will be able to fill you in on more! Until then, Stay Classy


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