A list of getting things done


Here’s what I’ve been up to over the last few days:

  1. Played chess: against a friend and lost, miserably. I did pretty well, and I have no middle game, so it all fell apart pretty quickly.
  2. Went to yoga: and accidentally went to a really hard class. It was awesome.
  3. Threw some knives with a friend. For the record, the box is the target:
  4. Practiced some Spanish
  5. Practiced typing. I still suck.
  6. Tried to cook a turkey.

OK, I cannot touch meat. I also have a really hard time looking at an entire animal or piece of an animal. I helped m mom get the bird out of the bag, and once the animal was laid out and I could see where its legs and neck and everything were, it was super-real to me. It was either leave at that moment or ruin dinner by puking all over the place.

It’s strange, but I can eat meat no problem, as long as I can’t really tell that it came from an animal. Once I can tell it’s an animal and identify what bones they are, which limb, or encounter a particularly gruesome tendon, it’s game over. Nausea time.

So if I ever invite you to dinner, it will probably be vegetarian, unless you’re bringing the meat!


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