Cooking questions

I’ve cooked over the past few months, but nothing really new or extensive. In the last month or so I’ve made curry, but the sauce was from a packet. I also made French toast and a badass fajita dish on Sunday. Double-win!

During the time I lived on my own, I figured out how to do lots. My mom showed me how to make rice (NOT instant!), and how to make shawarma. I love cooking with veggies and I really dislike touching raw meat, so for the most part I will make the protein come from elsewhere. But I can cook a decent steak too. Or I make my brother process the meat and do most everything else.

Frankly, I am a genius with tofu, and should be crowned the official stir-fry Queen. Plus I can always add an egg or make some peanut butter sauce (which will rival $2 noodles any day or night — while sober!) if the protein aspect is severely lacking.

I can do eggs, no problem: scrambled, fried, poached: these things are no problem. I make a mean mac-and-cheese from scratch. I can even make vegetarian chili (and the veggies accompaniment for fajitas). I also make an excellent salad. Like it’s amazing and you don’t even want to put salad dressing on it, that’s how damned good it is. Unlike those bullshit million-calorie salads you get in restaurants.

I am also pretty damned good at making sandwiches. But that’s cause I make one pretty much every weekday for lunch. This is also the only meat I can accept to touch that isn’t specifically cooked. Deli meat FTW!

But that is pretty much my cooking repertoire. Please note that the vast majority of this is vegetarian cooking. Which I’m fine with — I’m seriously quite squeamish about touching raw meat — chicken especially. Also I don’t really enjoy eating shellfish and have no desire to cook with fish. Is this too limiting? Perhaps. But this is my general diet. I’m not sure what I should learn how to make though, and how it would fit in my constraints. I’m not sure I should even hang onto those constraints. I was thinking to learn how to make jam from my grandma here in Montreal, but I am not much of a jam-eater and appreciator. I’d like to learn a hearty vegetarian dish, a fancy complicated meal (I am not so great at cooking multiple things at once — I find it tough enough to coordinate the toaster and an egg at once!) and a wheat/gluten-free dish. Your suggestions are more than welcome!

So what do you think I should learn how to cook? Will you teach me?


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