May Recap

Here’s what I did during May:

    1. OMG I ran! On a treadmill. And on the road. I really like it but g-damn I am one out of shape and whiny little bitch! I have a lot of work to do! This is what my route looks like:

    2. I went to yoga three whole times. And I visited a friend who just stuck me on the floor into some restorative poses cause I am super stressed about what is probably nothing. The stress hurts my neck, shoulders and ears, but I am really grateful for her and her expertise.

    3. I am typing up a storm. I’m nowhere ready to take those crazy typing tests, but I have improved immensely.

    4. Thanks for following me on Twitter! I don’t always have the most amusing things to say, but I’m working on upgrading so that I can keep you all in stitches every hour on the hour. From a professional standpoint this whole broken phone situation is far from ideal.

    5. I called up driving schools and have decided which one is appropriate for me. I go to my first lesson on Tuesday.

    6. I have been editing away at my short stories. On the subway, at home, wherever I can steal a moment to work on this, and I think that 8 out of 12 are ready. They’re called Stories of Escape and I hope you’ll read them and let me know what you think once I post them.

    7. I got my bike out of storage and got it sorted for the summer. I have an acquaintance who has offered to teach me simple repairs, so that will be part of my goals for June.

    8. I went for my tattoo consultation and am reconsidering getting that tattoo. I am not in love with any other designs or locations, and I have a hard time wrapping my head around any other idea. Perhaps it’s not for this year. If I choose not to get the tattoo, I will have to change the goal. What do you think I should do instead?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


4 responses

  1. Hey! for changing number 8 it would be hilarious if you swapped tattoo for something that is the opposite in terms of level of badass-ness: something like learning to knit or beading your own jewelry. no, knitting.

    • Yeah that would be pretty hilarious! Not sure yet what I should be doing, but I think I found a project t
      That would be worthwhile for my “build something” goal.

      Speaking of which, is your apartment coming furnished?

  2. yes and you could knit yourself stuff for next winter – ie blanket/hat/mittens! ooh fun!

    I am bringing my bed and stuff for my own room. need to find a new (cheap and smaller-than-my-current) dresser though.

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