Hey, remember how I was freaking out a bit? Like I lost my mojo and so on? Well, apparently for me, the solution was to make a list (!) And you’re not surprised at all…

So I wrote down the things I need to do on a weekly basis, the things I need to accomplish on a monthly basis, and the things I wanted to do for the rest of the month. Sometimes a really long list can be too daunting, especially if you have a terrible attention span like me. So I broke this up into a few more manageable pieces.

Honestly, until this past month, many of the things I wanted to do were falling into my lap. So I felt lucky and took it as it came and didn’t push much harder. But that’s not the point, and it’s certainly no way to get it all done. So here is my plan of action for the rest of the month of May:

  • Create a volunteer agreement with the ladies I am supposed to report to for my volunteering. I haven’t done much, and it’s definitely my fault. I need to renew the agreement and set some deadlines.
  • Accomplish a set number of hours of volunteering by the end of the month.
  • Edit and publish those short stories I have left languishing on the back burner for the last three months.
  • Attend one bicycle maintenance workshop
  • Research driving schools and sign up for lessons.
  • I guess I will need to post some goals for June soon too! Stay tuned.


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