This is actually one of the scarier things on the list, and here is why:

I am hopelessly uncoordinated. Did you have a kid in your school gym class who just sucked at it? Who tried hard, and whose body didn’t get it? I was that kid. And part of me still is.

Yes, years of babysitting has helped me become better at catching random objects flung in my direction. And yes, I can kind of throw a football. But I still trip over my own two feet a lot of the time, and I have terrible aim. So when I broached the topic of learning this skill with friends and family, many of them scoffed and hoped I wasn’t serious.

However, the friend who initially offered to teach me is awesome. He’s a total DIY guy, who makes his own pickles (the best ever, btw) who lives in my building. He offered to teach me a couple of years ago and we just never did. But I made a time and a date, and went upstairs and had my first lesson. It was amazing. And terrifying.

So I went over, and the first smart thing I did was keep my shoes on. See, if I accidentally dropped the knife, I would be less likely to sustain an injury.

And I was so scared of scuffing up the walls, but he set it up right! He had a massive wooden board against the wall, a clear space, and we used cardboard boxes as targets. So far I just aim for the box (and often hit it!), but I still freak out when I throw it. It’s a weird reaction that I’m working on overcoming. This has been an excellent start though. My next lesson will happen when he gets back to town.


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