April Updates

April! You’re gone and we didn’t even get to hang out!

Things I did right:

  1. Played chess
  2. Did yoga almost weekly
  3. Set up a tattoo consultation
  4. Volunteered a bit
  5. Saw my grandma
  6. Practiced Spanish and actually spoke in class
  7. Trained for my mile — got a new running plan and tackled the treadmill
  8. Learned a whole lot more about my finances
  9. Practiced typing for 15-20 minutes most days
  10. Nearly got on the market to buy a home

Things that I am having trouble achieving:

  1. Improving my number Twitter followers. Perhaps this is worth re-evaluating
  2. Finding a time to learn to throw knives
  3. Practicing Spanish on my own
  4. Going to yoga at least once per week
  5. Sorting out this housing situation and the strings attached to buying a home
  6. Taking time to volunteer. Maybe I logged a couple of hours total in the last month. But I definitely need to make it a priority.
  7. Actually cleaning my shoes as opposed to learning how and not doing it.
  8. Editing that damned collection of short stories
  9. Figuring out what to paint.

But I think I am moving right along anyway!


2 responses

  1. The best way to improve your twitter number is a) try to increase your tweets and also incorporate trending hastags. b) publish you’re blog on twitter to gain more traffic. c) participate in things like #FF – Follow friday, which is an exercise where you recommend people your followers should follow. d) follow more people, general rule is to follow someone back who follows you e) try to engage into more conversations on twitter

    love this site, I have a 30 before 30 list on my blog

    • Thanks so much! I was starting to think it might not be worthwhile to continue to pursue.

      I do post to twitter, but otherwise I’m not usually online 24/7 so I find it difficult to want to tweet about things that happened several hours ago.

      Otherwise its just a matter of finding the appropriate voice!

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