It’s no Secret

You may or may not remember a self-help book called The Secret. It was loved and heavily promoted by Oprah, reviled by critical thinkers, and spawned the best book review I’ve ever read.

Basically, it’s no bloody secret. If you write things down, and even semi-envision them, things will not magically happen. But you will ensure (consciously or otherwise) that things will get done. It’s why I make lists in the first place. Being a visual learner, even if I’m not referring to my list directly, writing things down allows the important things to stay with me in the back of my mind. It’s how I learned to work quickly and efficiently. And how I learned six different languages. And how I plan my days, my chores, my vacations and my intentions to conquer this project.

Basically, I find that if I write it down, it’ll happen, and not because I wished upon a star. Now I’ll admit I did not read the book, and this is what I remember from reviews and acquaintances urging me to read it. And I was just too skeptical of this mystical miracle. Cause it’s not a miracle, it’s a way to organize your brain to work harder for the things you want or want to do.

So far this year has been a little stressful because of all the huge things I want to learn and do. They weigh on my mind, heavy, huge, obligatory. But I’m ticking them off, slowly but surely. I am overachieving at some. I suck at others. I am unaware of how much further remains for a few. And on occasion, there are some excellent surprises that have helped me on my way!

But when you actually start looking for those opportunities, you’ll notice how quickly and often they can come up. So I guess the writing and wishing part is actually how that author wants you to sharpen your focus on your goals and dreams, rather than remaining distracted.

Oh yeah, I’m done preaching today 🙂


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