And it goes on, and on and on again…

Well, no major developments so far. Just business as usual, which can be summarized as such:

    1. Did yoga on Saturday (yes on holiday)
    2. Traveled, but not somewhere new
    3. I am a packing guru, but I still suck at maintaining my shoes and ironing*
    4. Made tentative plans to go somewhere new
    5. Made plans to head out to Toronto to see Andrea, her new home and go for tattoo consultations
    6. Saw my grandma, and chilled with her. The language barrier between us really intimidates me, but I still email her*
    7. Totally didn’t do any volunteering, which is crappy as I know they are depending on me
    8. Went to Spanish conversation class this afternoon, and actually said more than three words (you know, “hola,” “gracias” and “uno”)
    9. Continued to neglect my series of short stories, which still needs to be edited and given some more meat
    10. My moving plans have been put on halt (as of Easter weekend)

* I should actually write about these things a little…


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