An improvement!

An improvement! I can now run a mile (still on the elliptical) in under 9 minutes!

I started at 12 and huffed and puffed my way down to a better time. This might just happen after all.

Next up: learning to run on the treadmill. I’ve written about my weird aversion to this machine before. I don’t mind running in real life, nor on the elliptical. But it honestly took me ages to get over some weird anxiety and actually join a gym. I didn’t like it until I joined one where people are just down to business, and less social than many other places. This saves me time and makes me feel less self-conscious, since the less people talking, means the less people who are outwardly judging me (maybe). I also feel like I sound like an elephant stomping around when I run on a treadmill. Which doesn’t help. But I suppose I’ll have to tackle that one soon!


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