I think I might be able to make this 6-minute mile after all.

Yesterday, I finally went to an appointment with a trainer to figure out how to improve my cardiovascular strength. I’m super slow and afraid of the treadmill, but I had some decent encouragement.

My trainer is a tall, blond, blue-eyed man with an affinity for soccer and thankfully not for yelling. He was very patient with my uncoordinated and out-of-shape self, and at least I (intentionally) made him laugh. So when I explained my goals to him he basically said (in a really subtle way) that my goal is a pretty tall order but if I work things out properly, then I should be able to come close.

Well sounds good to me!

Here was the session:

    1. Fill out a firm and questionnaire and then talk a bit about why I was there.
    2. Warm up on the elliptical (like I said: I have a great fear of the treadmill)
    3. Moving on to the machines. 10 reps of pretty much everything.
    4. Barbells and dumbbells with more weight than I ad used before.
    5. My getting out of breath after most of the exercises
    6. Even the strength-training exercises are cardio-based!

And then he asked me to book another appoitnment to follow up in a month to make sure I’m following through and adapting well to the program.

Today, I am in incredible pain. I think I might die, but it might just be worth it


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