Moving on out and up

I’ve been busy and uninspired. I wrote consistently every day last week. I edited my series of short stories, I posted blog posts. I wanted to take pictures.

And now I’m a bit tapped out.

I’ve gone to Spanish class and am studying independently. I’ve gone running. I’ve practiced yoga. I’ve booked a consultation appointment for my tattoo. I’m playing chess. I’m volunteering. I’m learning lots about how to manage my money. And I’ve met with one bank so far about buying a home.

And I’ve run into a snag. It’s pretty personal, and more so than what I’m willing to share in its entirety. But basically when I accept help from someone who offers, I’m the kind of person who expects that person to actually be helpful. So when I went to the bank yesterday and the person I brought along hijacked my meeting, well, let’s just say I was upset.

So that’s a bit annoying, especially since this someone with whom I have a close personal relationship, and they decided to take over and spout bullshit throughout the appointment. I’m frustrated with that person, and I guess I’m just gonna have to move on without them. I’m fairly certain I am highly capable of meeting with banks and brokers and visiting properties on my own.

I’m sure I’ll get over it, but it’s a bad start. This person has given me some really terrible advice in the past, and I’m sorry I allowed them to “advise” me so far. But I’ll get over it.


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