Quarterly Update

A quarterly update sounded like a good idea to me, so I am following suit.

I feel like I am not getting most of the things that I want to get done. I was hoping for more to be scratched off the list by now. BUT I am not giving up! Hopefully in the next month I will be settled into a new place, and really will take the bull by its horns!


In the midst of the move I will have completed 3 things: #7 Spring Cleaning, #10 Moving & # 9 Dinner Party. I just figured as a house warming I can cook for everyone!

Right now I currently have completed:

# 4. Market my business better**
#5. Keep in better touch with the ones that I love**
# 14. Get a new piercing with Meagan Bond
# 15 Be better at my job – Lean more about audio equipment**
# 20. Go to a party where I don’t know anyone and make a new friend
# 23. Quit smoking, for good.
# 24. Do more activities during the winter


** (I’ll be doing this throughout the year though)

7/25 Isn’t terrible. Could be much better! But hey, next month it could possible be 10/25!

Between now and the move I can’t really do that much, I do need to get my ass in gear and finally work on that stupid script of mine. You know, I even made a schedule for myself but I never followed through with it! What was the point of even making it?? Oh right. So that I could ACTUALLY sit down and start it. Grumbles

I was thinking of switching my dance lessons to just general physical activity. I need to get into shape, and would definitely love to do dance lessons, but I might join a boot camp instead. Will update on that once I’m back in the city.

In the meantime, anyone want to win the lottery for me?


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