Spanish class and yoga

Yay! So I finally started with this Spanish class. It’s not a “real” class, but we do get our grammar corrected and so on. I was super-smart and so I didn’t bother to bring a notebook… Hopefully I’ll actually do that next week.

There are five people in the class, including the lady who mediates the class and pushes the conversation forward. Kind of like the teacher, but since its not formal lessons, she’s not. But she’s still quite lovely.

Everyone tries hard and I also tried really hard not to natter on in Italian… It’s really confusing. I understood most things that people were talking about but when I tried to speak it just came out wrong. Oh well, first try, and next week should go better.

In the meantime I have also bought some lessons online so I can physically do some worksheets. I find that reading and writing have always come asker than speaking (with exception obviously when I was too young to read and write), so hopefully this will help me improve too.

The goal is to become fluent and comfortable. And I expect with a chill learning environment I should be able to get there!

As for yoga, I try, but it’s no good. I have varied and sundry cheerleaders, all who want me to join them for a class. Just one class. And I cannot seem to do it. I sued to go weekly and I loved it, but no dice thus far. We’ll see if I can’t turn that around sooner rather than later.

Also, it’s freezing again, so scratch that bout fixing up my bike… I’ll wait!!


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