My bike is grosssss

Luckily I found something awesome: how to spring clean your bike! YAY!

I was so excited to get that sucker out and take it for a spin last week but the whole health situation remains le crap. I am ever-so-slowly attempting to get better. But I dunno when that will be… In the meantime I just spent like eighty gajillion dollars on vitamins, am drinking tea like it’s my job, and am getting excellent number of hours of sleep every night (i.e. as much as my body will let me). I am addicted my white noise app. And cleaning like a mofo (what I did most of this weekend).

I have also had quite the shocking excellently pleasant surprise this weekend, and I’ll probably manage to move out by year-end! Pretty psyched, but I can’t really talk details either. I do need to book bank appointments though, so that’s a little stressful (but in a good way?!).

In other news, I am so excited to get on my bike soon. If you see some crazy girl panting up a hill in heels, please don’t sexually harass me! (Trust me, I’m not asking for it!)


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