No luck

So no luck with Spanish or knife-throwing or much else this week. I was so sick over the weekend I couldn’t do laundry. I tried to do yoga one evening and nearly ended up choking from coughing.

I guess the only plus side is the weather. And the fact that I got to break in a new pair of heels.

I know it’s silly, but it makes a difference for me. At barely 5″2 (whatever, my drivers license says 157cm, you do the math), an extra 2-5 inches is more than welcome. I can actually reach things, look people in the eye and my pants (which I always have to shorten) don’t drag on the floor. I feel like much less of a pipsqueak! My (younger) brother is also much less likely to pat me on the head. Like I’m some kind of cute little pet.

It also makes a difference in how I dress. I spent a year before working in what was essentially a windowless dungeon (the overhead fluorescents were turned off because they messed up the colours on our screens) with 8-14 men. I tried pretty hard (at least until summer came along) to dress like a guy and fit in. In the end I didn’t need to, but I always felt that making an effort was pointless when everyone else that I worked with directly was hanging in baggy jeans and hoodies. Now heels are just part of the equation and I can actually wear my whole closet again. It’s refreshing!

So that was the whole point of learning to walk in my pretty shoes properly. I figured if I wanna dress like a lady, I might as well learn how to walk like one too.


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