Time to get my bike going! Oh and I have money advice (ha!)

Hey! It’s lovely out, so I figure it’s time to get my bike in order! Pretty exciting, since I don’t even know how to pump a tire…

Also, I am learning to be more careful with my shoes. Spraying them with waterproofing stuff and you know, actually cleaning off the winter gunk.

I’ve been sick recently, so I haven’t started with the Spanish conversation group yet. I do have a trainer appointment booked for Friday, but I am really concerned that I’ve left my training too late. Let’s see if I can squeeze in some ironing and yoga tonight though!

Oh, and I’m getting serious about learning about my money. I’ve been tracking my spending rather judiciously (um and so is mint.com), and I’m on my way to starting a budget. Like a proper one. We’ll see how it it goes…! Kind of concerned there, but hey, it has to happen, and at least it’s happening now. Plus I have been bugging my brother to explain some accounting stuff to me and basic economics. I’ve never taken an economics or finance class in my life, so whatever little I’ve gleaned til now has been through osmosis. But it all boils down to this: interest payments suck, so pay your bills, and especially your credit card on time. If you don’t think you can pay it off, don’t freakin’ buy it. And that was it at the tender young age of 18 when I first received a piece of plastic with my name and an expiry date on it.

Sound advice, no? Mind you at that age I was just buying flights, booze and shoes with my credit card.


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