Albatross – Big Wreck

March hasn’t been treating me well. Its just little thing upon little thing that eventually built up into a huge ball of stress.

It started off with the flu, which normally isn’t that big of a deal but this one hit me with a ton of bricks. For four hours I called my bathroom floor my bed. Eventually got up and went back into my bedroom and was bed ridden for about 12 hours. I tried to get up several times to grab some water, I was really dehydrated, but I literally could not do it. Such a simple task diminished by my sickness. Eventually I was able to make it out of bed, took me half an hour to pour myself a glass of water. Luckily Brian came over after work to help me out.

The next morning I woke up, still feeling sick, but had to head into work. I couldn’t afford to take off another day. Put my keys in the ignition, turned, didn’t start. Turned it off. Did it again. I think I did this about a total of 10 times, You know you’re crazy when you expect a different outcome every time! Called CAA and they drove me to one of their shops. 800$ later…

The icing on the cake though was an encounter with an old family member whom I haven’t talked to in a couple of years. To make a long story short, I ended up crying my eyes out of frustration.

Because of this financial set back, I had to cancel my dinner party that I planned for the end of the month. I’m fairly upset about this, but it’s gone beyond my control. I have tried to look for other make up gigs on the side to help me out with this but I’ve had no luck for this month, only next. On top of this I’m also trying to find a place, setting up viewings, etc. It feels like I’m working three jobs and it’s getting overwhelming. I have to give Brian some credit for stepping up to the plate and helping out with finding a place. Taking a little bit off my plate is definitely helping.

I have also decided to take my taxes off of my hand this year, less stress to deal with. So happy that I did!

 In the midst of March being a goal crusher, I have still been able to do my on going goals, which is better than nothing. I just hope that things will turn around!

Big money. Big money. No Whammy. Stop!


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