Chugging along

This week, I’ve been in touch with my grandma (she loves my haircut), and have signed up for a lunchtime conversation group to get better at speaking Spanish. Considering my Spanish currently sounds like this, it can only be a good thing:

Aside: what is with this awesome workplace?! A social group that caters to people who aren’t super-perky or outgoing all the time, and language improvement social lunchtime? Amazing!

So I will be starting that soon, next week actually. I was gonna go to yoga on Sunday, but the time difference was killing me (also apparently I was sick: see blown-out eardrums and glands that wish to make an ALIEN appearance). So I will try to make up for that this evening or tomorrow. Depending on how I feel.

Also, I’ve been calling around to driving schools. It seems they’ve changed the rules and they are not allowed to come pick you up or drop you off anymore. You have to go to their office apparently and then end your lesson at their office too. Screw that. I have to say, I’m really disappointed, cause when I was first taking lessons that wouldn’t have been a problem. Now it’s beyond inconvenient and I find it to be a real hindrance. I mean I have to the time to take a one-hour lesson, but not if it also includes a 1+ hour return commute to your school!

In other news, I’ve been keeping up my volunteering. Slow and steady, but I like what I’m doing. I’m also looking up charities for my donation. I have a couple in mind, and have just discovered so that I can choose an organization that follows through. I find the whole Kony 2012 scandal* has increased the need for charities to be super careful.

Oh haha, on a final note I just realized that the title of this post ties in perfectly to Tuesday, where I got to learn about train systems around the world! Fun fact: Did you know they don’t really use roundhouses anymore? That was probably one of my favourite parts of Thomas the Tank (now Thomas and Friends), aside from both Ringo and George Carlyle being the little conductors!

* Yes, thank you for spreading awareness to those who didn’t already know. But if you’re going to be part of an NGO who wants to give aid and raise public awareness, be super careful with your actions and ensure transparency in every step. If you think I’m being callous about this, feel free to write to me about this, and I’ll be happy to explain my perspective on these matters.


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