Mission accomplished

I have finally changed my hairstyle after growing out my Jew ‘fro from 1999 for the last fourteen years. YAY!

It’s not a huge change, but lets consider that I haven’t had a fringe since I was eight. It’s not  long bangs, but they are side-bangs that almost fit in a ponytail (which also means that my hairdresser was very considerate of my natural texture).

So here’s the hair horror story: in the late 90’s I was convinced I wanted a boy’s haircut. Like my brother. So I went to the barber and she cut me a bob. Chin-length hair all around, no short in the back or whatever. It was awful.

So I grew it out, eventually. By ninth grade (15 years old?) I had long hair all the way to the middle of my back. And I just kept it that long. I still have some hair around that length, so this isn’t a drastic change. But it’s nice to have finally changed things!


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