March updates

It’s March!

What? How? Yay?!

Ok, so here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • written a series of short stories. They aren’t done yet, but will be soon!
  • started studying Spanish
  • written to my grandma each month
  • started doing yoga, but not consistently
  • got back into the habit of running regularly
  • started drawing again, even though I haven’t got a clue as to what I will paint
  • started with my volunteering
  • got a job (so I can save money for a donation)
  • developed a keener interest in my finances and my spending (um, still working on that budget though…)
  • entered a chess tournament
  • learned how to walk comfortably in high heels
  • was shown how to iron a shirt fast
  • started to conscientiously type without looking at the keyboards
  • Here are my plans for March:

  • keep studying Spanish
  • book a session with a trainer to develop a running plan
  • start actually going to yoga once per week
  • edit my short stories so I can publish them online
  • keep up with the volunteering
  • head to Toronto at the end of the month for my tattoo consultation
  • start learning to throw knives… (I’m a bit scared to ruin this friend’s apartment)
  • play more chess with my coworkers
  • clean my boots!
  • iron my shirts properly… Not just the collars and wear a sweater over it!
  • call some driving schools again. Make an appointment
  • And here is how I feel like I’m failing:

  • definitely not going to the gym often enough, and I have a feeling I didn’t start soon enough with figuring out how to run faster
  • not doing yoga every week
  • not editing those stories. Most of them have been written for over a month, but I can’t bring myself back into them
  • Here is the one hope, that if nothing else, I hope I can achieve by year-end:

  • paint and give back
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