I suck at chess

No seriously. I lost my second game in fifteen minutes flat (if that!) and I have a third game for the tournament today at lunch. Oh… I guess that means no nap for me!

Also, not good on the volunteering front. Have you ever had an “optional” assignment you really wanted to do but got too lazy to follow through? I feel like that this week. Winter is fully kicking my ass: I don’t sleep properly and I’m always pretty damned cold. Boo.

Um but I did go running twice this past week, and will probably go again tomorrow. If I can manage to fit in some yoga on Saturday, I think I will be golden (in addition to my volunteering! Must get on that!)

Also, I’ve been listening to some Spanish podcasts that are designed for people learning a new language. Pretty handy! So far I’ve listened to the same one all week cause it’s about thirty minutes long. Pretty great for commuting!

I have a haircut coming up, but I don’t think I’m gonna go crazy just yet. Just get a trim, since this will only be my second cut with this stylist. I think we’ll need to get to know each others’ styles first before heading into the deep end (I.e. getting some crazy cut).

Finally, I told my mum about my intentions to get a tattoo as part of my goals, and she was pretty upset. She was really repulsed and so angry. Good thing the design is discreet! Still, it’s discouraging to hear that.


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