Ordinary Day – Great Big Sea

I’m done. Done with winter. After pushing myself to go out and do stuff for #24, I have gotten pretty sick. What was supposed to be a mini getaway with Brian, turned into me being in bed for half of our trip. So I’m crossing this off of my list and hibernating for the remainder of winter.

So, with that, I have successfully completed four of my goals:

# 14. Get a new piercing with Meagan Bond
# 20. Go to a party where I don’t know anyone and make a new friend
# 23. Quit smoking, for good.
# 24. Do more activities during the winter

Some are still on going so I can’t cross them out completely yet. I am, however, crossing out quitting smoking. Tomorrow will be 60 days since I have kicked the habit, and aside from the little weight gain I think that I have successfully quit.

I have 6 on going goals, which means I have 15 more goals to complete all before I turn 26! 8 months to complete 15 goals. Boy do I feel some pressure!

I think it can happen though! I’m starting to slowly get back into the swing of things, and have some things lined up for March.

I’ve joined LinkedIn to market my business better! http://www.linkedin.com/pub/andrea-gray/48/bbb/b1a

I’ve also been told to join Twitter, but am still wishy-washy about that idea. Thoughts?


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