Volunteering at Art Souterrain

Hey! Have you seen the underground art exhibit in Montreal yet? If not, I will suggest that you do.

On Saturday, I spent about ten hours as a volunteer mediator for a pretty unique and interactive piece of art. I got to interact with all kinds of people, all ages, and in all stages of sobriety and drunkenness. I made new friends, some old friends came by to visit or I bumped into them accidentally, and in general I had a great time seeing people interact with the work!

It’ll be up all over the underground until March 11. I was at Complexe Guy-Favreau, near Place d’Armes metro.

So that’s 10/100 hours, which means I have another 90 to go. I’ll be starting another volunteer gig from home. This is some web-based work for Immigrant Quebec, a non-profit that helps people seeking to immigrate to Quebec or who have just recently landed and want to immigrate. They provide all kinds of resources and help get newly landed people sorted out. The lady I’ll be working with has some new mandates for the website, and she seems like a good partner so far.

So, not too bad? I had fun with one job and I hope I will rise to the occasion for the other!


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