Three for three

So the chess tournament is actually a round-robin situation, so I’ll have to continue to be humiliated for another three weeks. It was fun though, and I got to meet some more people at the office. In that respect it’s been nice. I did lose, and first, as I expected. But not as quickly as I expected, so we’ll see if I can’t improve over the next while! I’m also the only lady/girl/woman (side note: are any other females unsure of which descriptor to use to describe themselves?) to sign up for this thing. The rest are all guys who seem to be programmers and analysts… I was a bit too shy to hang around and watch the other matches, but maybe next time.

As for the volunteering, I think those of you in Montreal should check out some awesome local artists, and hang with me as I explain the work of this awesome lady. I’ll write about her more, but you can also meet her on Nuit Blanche! How cool is that?!

Also, I aced my volunteering interview and it will be a challenge, but it’s an interesting project with a worthwhile group. I’ll probably have loads more to say soon, but I did have an interesting experience. Basically, I will work with a French woman from France, and I’m the first Anglophone (native English speaker) she has met so far. From my understanding, she’s been in Montreal or at least Quebec for several years now, so I find that pretty bizarre. I guess we truly are the minority within the minority.

Hmm more things to consider, and plenty more to do! And my favourite: more research! 8)


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