Sitting on the dock of the bay – Otis Redding

Where has this year gone so far? I can’t believe that it’s the end of February already. It really is true, when you are busy time just flies!

 Since my last post I have attended the “Everything to do with Fred show”, and have befriended not only Fred Kennedy himself but the illustrator of Teuton, Adam Gorham. I love meeting new people, and being able to be a proper geek in front of total strangers. Fred told me that I had to watch Deep Space Nine, I laughed. He told me that the last three seasons were the best of that series, and since I never do anything half-ass I got the complete series from a friend. It’s on my next “to watch” list once I have completed Season 2 of “Life Unexpected”.

Adam and I have started an e-mail correspondence where we get to talk about our entire nerdy-ness. It has kept me sane this past little while!

 I have had two successful SFX classes from school, which I have been posting all over Facebook about. If you’re not a fan of my page, click here

I have been on top of keeping everything updated, marketing myself better, and getting more gigs. I don’t want to cross #4 off of my list just yet, but it’s definitely getting there! My march is slowly filling up with gigs, and I just purchased all of my SFX makeup over this crazy thing called the internet, so now I’m just waiting for it to arrive!

I just finished working on a calendar of Rave Girls in the scene today, and am very excited to see the finished project next year!

 I’ve also been keeping in much better contact with people; I’ve seen Ian, Angela, Alia, Manny, Dave, Kelly, Anthony and Valerie. What’s remarkable is that this is on top of seeing my best friends Meagan, Aileen and Ilana (plus my two jobs)

I do have to admit though; if I keep on the road that I’m going I will definitely burn out quickly! I feel like I haven’t had a proper break in over a month. Luckily my photo shoot on Monday got cancelled, so I just sat around, watched movies with Brian and did nothing all day. It was perfect. That’s exactly what this upcoming weekend will be like, and am definitely looking forward to it. I have a feeling March will be the same as this month, so having a little getaway this weekend will be perfect.


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