Under Pressure – Queen

As I see people scramble around today for last minute flowers and chocolate I just kind of laugh to myself. After years of being told that Valentines Day is a day to show the person you love how much you care, I can happily say that I have stopped celebrating this “Holiday” for about five years now.

It is my belief that if you love someone, you do not need one day to show them how much you care and appreciate them. You should show them as often as you can, and you do NOT need to buy them flowers every single time. Small things count, especially to us women.

Like coming home to your apartment and noticing that someone vacuumed before they left. Or, spending about an hour helping out an artistically challenged person doing stencils.  THAT to me is showing me that you care. I do not need chocolates that will make me fat, or flowers that will eventually wither away. I want something substantial, something meaningful. And I definitely want it more than one time a year.

I have come across people that feel the same way as I, but still celebrate the “Holiday”. Of course to each their own, not every woman feels the way that I do. In fact some women would be upset today if they didn’t get something from their significant other. I on the other hand told mine that If I got anything I would be upset.

So to those who celebrate today, I wish it’s filled with the love that you deserve. But I also wish that you get it year round, because you deserve that more.


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