Why I’m doing this in the first place

One of the main reasons why I signed up for this project is because I think I’m kind of boring. I want always this way, but I think a lot of my passions ended up being stripped away or rendered to some forgotten area of my mind and I can’t remember what they were anymore. It’s sad, and frustrating, because I am always jealous of people who can yammer away endlessly about something they enjoy doing.

I on the other hand, enjoy seeing, and hearing, more passive activities like reading. With the exception of eating, and writing (and earlier in my life drawing and painting) I enjoy less active things and rather have it all come to me. Which in my limited experience is not conducive to a fulfilled life.

Part of 25 on 25 for me is about finding my passions and interests again. About trying new things and seeing if I’ll enjoy it. I think this experiment is helping in lots of different ways, because I am noticing I am more engaged and want to do more. It’s rather energizing, which is new and refreshing. From a sleepy girl, so far I feel as though I am evolving into an energetic individual. And I hope it keeps up.


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