Getting on board: Volunteering

So one of the best things I have resolved to do this year is volunteer.

I haven’t done a significant amount of volunteering since high school. Part of our yearly graduation requirements included a short amount of volunteer work, maybe 25 hours? It was handy, and I got involved in my own community a bit better.

Since then I have done a bit of volunteer work, but not much. For example, the last time I was unemployed I took tickets at a friend’s show because he runs a small business where he produces great shows around the city. The payoff was that I usually got to see some pretty great shows for free. Not exactly altruistic!

This time, I guess I need to fill a bigger void. For me it’s not just about donating money, which I will do anyway. I think I need to do more, because I take a lot from our society in the first place. The long and short of it: my life has been good to me. Why not improve others’ chances for a good life or some other fulfillment. Besides, I find that I am discovering new passions all the time, and this is another way to help me into it.

So far, I’m just at the research phase. I find the Volunteer Bureau of Montreal has some helpful tips on how to get started. I’ll see what positions are available and what kind of time commitments are required. I’ve calculated that I can easily fulfill my goal with a shorter time commitment of 2-4 hours a week. Not too shabby, and then I can get to 100 hours in about 30 weeks! Yes, part of this is finding the time to go, and seeing how long I would have to spend on this. I think that’s the most practical way to tackle all of these goals.

Before, I had been looking at working as a sex-ed teacher for a local youth organization. I find that knowledge is definitely power when it comes to our bodies and that there is a significant amount of misinformation propagated from a variety of sources. We’ll see if I can still get a position doing this, and if it fits in with my schedule!

If you’re still reading, do you have any ideas on what kinds of roles I should apply for? I’d be down for pretty much anything, including but not limited to clerical work.


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