Here’s the deal with my Spanish

I learned Spanish like, over ten years ago. It was compulsory in grade 8, and I did pretty well, with the exception of one high school presentation.

Here is the shortest possible version of that strange day: we were asked to pair up and prepare a very short conversation to present to the class, like maybe five minutes long? Everything was cool between myself and my partner, and I dunno what happened next… Her pronunciation was weird and I heard wrong? Someone called out something funny in class and only I heard it? Anyway, next thing I know, I am giggling and laughing like I have some sort of dysfunction in front of the class. For the whole five minutes! I was laughing so hard my face turned red and I think I was crying too. It was not a pretty picture. We got a pity grade of a B cause we were both good students.

Anyway, aside from that ridiculousness, my Spanish used to be alright. I mean I only took it for those nine or ten months, but it was pretty decent. All things considered, I often had an easier time getting around in Spain in comparison to many of my friends who did not have those lessons. Sure, I can’t properly ask for directions anymore, or even really get most conversations. But I’m working on that. I’ve just read this article on Lifehacker, and I think it’s well worth trying.

Anyone have any other tips? I could definitely use them!


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