My dismal housekeeping skills

So by the age of 25 I should hope that I know how to take care of my belongings. This includes laundry. I can’t tell you how upset I have been to find that my clothes have been ruined, or worse — that I ruined my brothers’ clothes! Once I shrank an expensive wool sweater of his, it became so small that it was MY size! He finds my clothes to be ridiculously small in comparison, and often laughs at my “baby” clothes, because of the disparity in our sizes. So this was a tragedy of sorts. Needless to say, I am now forbidden from offering to do his laundry (yesss!!)

Anyway, I know how to do laundry properly, I just don’t like washing delicate things that have a tendency to turn out, well, not quite like before. So I try not to buy things with very particular washing instructions.

However, going to all these interviews has made me realize that I am terrible at ironing clothes. Like awful! I was ironing a shirt today and it took me almost an hour. Who takes an hour to iron a shirt? Fifteen minutes, I’d understand. Either I am way too OCD for this, or I need to learn how to get better at this.

Behold: Before

And After

So a whole hour was devoted to this… I don’t want to grow up.

Got any tips on how to improve my technique? Leave them below!



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