Jorge’s Vlog – Week 1


Week one – recap

So the first week for me has. Been about realizing what’s feasible and what is a ridiculous idea. Yes, there are some, but it’s not knife-throwing. Mostly it’s the concept that I should vlog. I’m not that great on camera, and I am just as bad behind it it — I think I should leave it to the professionals (Jorge, Leo and Andrea). I’ve replaced that goal with improving a language that I’ve already learned but just basically suck at.

Basically, I’ve taken a lot of language courses over a few years. Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Hebrew, Yiddish… These are all languages that I once was quite good at but have almost entirely forgotten. It’s awful, I can have a conversation, or read a bit, but once things get a bit complicated, I find I tune out. So I’m going to make use of at least one of the dictionaries I have collected over the years and improve on a language aside from French.

However, I am getting things into place. I played chess twice last week, and I sucked, but I’m understanding where I need to improve. I also called up some driving schools. It seems that given my history, I almost have to start over. I have been recommended to take at least four if not six lessons just to regain my comfort with being on the road… And then we’ll see?

I also got a haircut yesterday, but nothing crazy. I’ve had almost the same hairstyle for the last ten years or so. When I was twelve, I cut my thick, curly hair to chin-length. I also had no idea how to style my hair… Which means I was stuck with a huge, curly non-Afro. Just like a massive triangle of crazy hair that I couldn’t do anything with. I couldn’t even put it up in a tiny bun or ponytail until a few months later! So in an effort to avoid hair drama, I’ve just grown my hair out, and kept it long, with a few layers. This year, I think I need to change that a bit. Especially since I am going gray at an alarming rate!

As for ironing, yeah I did none of that. I will today though, cause I have an interview tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Getting going

I feel like I’m off to a lumbering start. A good start, but I’m pretty impatient, so I like everything to be done like now.

So far I’ve found a few driving schools, but I haven’t called to price them. I have also found a yoga class at my gym so that will be nice, as part of my weekly yoga commitment. I think the real challenge for that will come with travel and a regular work schedule.

As for knife-throwing, I know it’s pretty ridiculous, but I wanted a couple of crazy things on my list that always seemed random and unattainable — and good for bragging rights. I’ll have to call an old friend up once he comes back from the country and see if he can teach me.

Right now, I’m about to have lunch and then head off to a job interview. Wish me luck!

Day Three on #23

Hello World!

Very excited about this new project that I have embarked on with my friends. I am in the midst of doing some at the moment and cannot be happier about them! Just incase you don’t know who I am, I’m Andrea Gray and here’s my list:

My 25on25 (In no order)

1. Finish my script
2. Skydive and/or Edgewalk on the CN Tower
3. Take dance lessons
4. Market my business better
5. Keep in better touch with the ones that I love
6. Travel somewhere new / Take a road trip
7. Spring Cleaning! Donate clothes and furniture that I dont need anymore
8. Teach someone Yiddish
9. Learn how to cook 5 new dishes (non-jewish ones!)
10. Move back to Toronto & Explore what I haven’t before!
11. Paint something new and unexpected
12. Donate blood
13. Get a new Tattoo from George Brown
14. Get a new piercing with Meagan Bond
15. Be better at my job – Lean more about audio equipment
16. Go hiking on a brand new trail with Aileen O’marra
17. Go to Florida to reconnect with old family members
18. Learn Sign language
19. Start saving heavily to purchase a new place for 2013
20. Go to a party where I don’t know anyone and make a new friend
21. Try not to eat at fast food restaurants for a whole year
22. Go see more indie movies and bands
23. quit smoking, for good. Not for me… but for all of you.
24. Do more activities during the winter, my least favorite season.
25. Help out my friends with their 25on25

I have started #23 as of January 1st 2012. I chained smoked the night before, which might have been a mistake… but it was also new years. A crappy end to a crappy year I say!
It’s now day three, and i’m finding myself very easily aggravated, and have noticed that I have the shakes. This isn’t the first time that i’ve tried to quit smoking, but this is definitely the last. I actually quit smoking for two years before, what led to me start smoking again? I don’t really have an excuse for that one, I was in a weak state and decided that smoking was the answer. So I started again, like an idiot.
At 11:50 on December 31st 2011 I had my last cigarette around a fire with friends, acquaintances and strangers. They all knew it was my last one and all gave me full support for my decision. I will always remember that memory, and always look fondly on it when I find myself in a weak situation.

A good start?

As of today, I’m just trying to get the site going. I’ve already written a couple of our bios and need to find a headshot of myself. I figure if you are reading this and don’t already know me, it would be nice to put a face to a name (and list of stuff to do this year).

I’m pretty excited to do this, because it goes beyond a simple list of resolutions. Add to the fact that we’ll be recording things, I guess then the pressure is on to perform. I think that is part of the failure rate of resolutions: if they’re just good intentions, what is anyone gonna do about it?

So far, I am still typing by staring at my keyboard and using four or six fingers. But I’m doing laundry, and I’m going to figure out how to iron clothes this week. It’s pretty desperate, and I hate wrinkly clothes for the most part. Next steps are taking care of my shoes (I’ve been mad at myself for letting a favourite pair of boots die last year), researching driving school, booking an appointment with a trainer, and writing my grandma. It seems I have a lot of writing to do!