Walking in heels

Maybe it’s kind of weird that I keep on obsessing over this one thing. But I find it a bit embarrassing. Plus I’ve been sick and traveling, so I’m a bit limited in what else I can do.*

I bought a badass pair of heeled boots in the sales in Paris. They are sick. They are wedges, which means they are good starter heels. Two or maybe three inches. I’ve been walking around Paris and now Zurich in them non-stop. With the exception of the airport, because I was in such a hurry to get there in time.

Basically, my issue is I’m super slow, and I wobble. I bought gel inserts to make the front part a bit more comfortable too. I have high arches, which means I get less overall support and often end up walking on my toes the whole time.

Also, I’ve continued to be a bit more active on Twitter, and am slowly inching my way toward 20 followers. This will be a great challenge for me!

Anyway, we will see how I fare this weekend, because if I won’t be in ski boots, I’ll be walking, talking and dancing in heels. Hopefully with grace!

* I did practice my Dutch and French so far, but I have chosen to improve my Spanish, since the last time I took lessons was ten or more years ago (age 14)!


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